Wooden Height Chart

  • €59.00

Our Family Height Chart records the growth of your whole family for generations.

Now that my little miss is getting bigger (and keeps running away) I wanted to be able to track her growth. We always did this as kids but the marks have been removed with paint over the years.

The chart comes in 4 parts that are attached to the wall securely with double sided tape. The simplicity and natural colours of the design means it suits all interiors. It is easy to remove/reapply if you are moving house or redecorating.

  • Ready to be wall hung easily with self adhesive backing
  • Made from 6mm specialist Birch 
  • Laser cut for a great finish
  • The Natural Finish makes it easy to Mark your child's Height, Name and Date directly onto the wood of the chart.
  • Size: Six and half foot tall. Measurements on the chart are in Feet.
  • Decorate your family tree with personalised leaves and flowers (sold separately)
  • Design and Made in Ireland By NutJob Design
  • Beautifully Presented in Branded packaging
To hang:
  1. Peal the backing off of the tape
  2. Measure one foot off of the floor 
  3. Mark the wall with a light pencil mark
  4. Place a spirit level on the pencil mark 
  5. Position the first of the four parts onto the spirt level to ensure it is straight 
  6. Press to adhere securely to the wall 
  7. Peal the tape and place the final pieces on top in the correct order to complete the height chart.

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