Laser Cutting

For your Home and Business

Custom Design Service: If you have an idea that you would like developed into a product or you need drawings or files produced for your product to be made. Please send me an e-mail to arrange a free consultation.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Service:

We can take your file and Cut and Engrave onto a wide range of Materials. Up to 1 meter2 and 12mm thick depending on the material. We can't cut Metals.

Services for your Business
We love to design and make commercial signs for our Business Customers. 
Using a range of manufacturing techniques and materials we can turn your logo into a Business Sign. Just e-mail me your details to discuss in more detail
Click here to view our business signs gallery
We also offer a wide range of marketing products that can further enhance your Business and build your Brand. Point of Sale Displays, shop displays, product displays with branding included, gifts, high quality promotional products.
Services for your Home
If you have an idea you would like made for that special place or person in your home, that is uniquely yours then send me an e-mail and I will help you bring it home within your budget.