The Free Hug Project by NutJob Design

The Free Hug Project 🤗 by NutJob Design 
I made these little wooden hugs on my laser cutter and thought it would be a sweet thing for kids to send to their grandparents or someone they can’t see right now. They can be glued onto a card or just put inside as a surprise with a message on the back.

Day 1 I put 100 free hugs to be exact 🤗outside of our village church for the people in our community to take and send. 

Day 3 I have made and sent out over 500 Hugs out to people wanting to share the love with their family and friends.

Day 4 I would like to go one step further and for ever 10 hugs purchased, I will donate 10 Hugs to a Nursing Home/Care Home or similar setting, so the residence can send a little hug out to their family or friends. 

If they can bring just one person you love a little joy then The Free Hug Project has been a success!!!

Lets see how many we can get sent out by Next Saturday.

The price covers Materials and Postage.