The Free Hug Project by NutJob Design

The Free Hug Project 🤗 by NutJob Design 
I made these little wooden hugs on my laser cutter and thought it would be a sweet thing for kids to send to their grandparents or someone they can’t see right now. They can be glued onto a card or just put inside as a surprise with a message on the back.

Day 1 I put 100 free hugs to be exact 🤗outside of our village church for the people in our community to take and send. 

Day 3 I have made and sent out over 500 Hugs out to people wanting to share the love with their family and friends.

Day 4 I would like to go one step further and for ever 10 hugs purchased, I will donate 10 Hugs to a Nursing Home/Care Home or similar setting, so the residence can send a little hug out to their family or friends. 

If they can bring just one person you love a little joy then The Free Hug Project has been a success!!!

These little wooden Hugs were given to the residents and the staff at the nursing homes. All of whom were restricted from having any visitors during the height of the restrictions. Some made them into card or included them in letters they were sending out to their families and friends that they missed so much. 

Thanks to everyone who purchased the hugs from us here at NutJob Design. With your help we were able to make and send out over 5000 Hugs to Nursing homes around Ireland.